Giant Pumpkin Party Costume March

CHILDREN’S REGISTRATION: WILL TAKE PLACE IN FRONT OF THE DANIEL PIERCE LIBRARY at 8:30 a.m., on October 6th. The Costume March will take place at the Grahamsville Fairgrounds. For more information, please call Deirdre McHugh at (845) 985-7233 ext. 105.

Any costume will do. Everyone who participates will receive a special prize book and a sweet treat! AND there will be a separate raffle in each of the following age groups:

  • 0-1 year-old
  • 1-2 years-old
  • 3-4 years-old
  • 5-6 years-old
  • 7-8 years-old
  • 9+ years-old group (with theme-any age)


All children 2nd grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult to march in the parade.

The shuttle bus is running from the fairgrounds to the library. Please park your car at the fairgrounds and ride the bus!

Jack and Dr. Professor Balloonakiss will be entertaining at the Library prior to Parade time. Jack will perform some of the greatest magic tricks, tell tons of jokes and transform into Dr. Professor Balloonakiss, a master of creating balloon animals and sculptures.